Direct Drive Fundraiser

Support every child at Selkirk with a donation this holiday season

The button above will take you to the SchoolCashOnline website where you can donate directly to school projects. Once you login, select the amount you wish to donate and ensure ‘Lord Selkirk PAC’ is the recipient.

You will automatically be issued a tax receipt.

Selkirk is our neighbourhood school and the hub for our children’s education. It’s also the workplace for 64 dedicated staff who offer more than just a place of learning: they create a safe space for our growing kids and encourage them in their friendships, curiosities, passions and interests.

As parents, one of the ways we can empower the staff to best meet the diverse needs of our kids, is to equip them with additional resources. This includes classroom and sporting equipment, workshops on body science, gardening and computer coding, extra funds for field trips, and even food and school supplies for families who are struggling to make ends meet.

As the season of giving approaches, will you consider making a direct donation to support these initiatives at Lord Selkirk Elementary?

You will receive a 2022 charitable tax receipt for all donations given before December 31st.

Thank you for investing in this community and enriching the education of every child at Selkirk.

What does my donation do?

Classroom Equipment and Resources includes an annual stipend for each teacher to spend on classroom materials at their discretion.

Plus funding for resource upgrades requested by staff and approved by the administration such as noise cancelling headphones.

Note: This is a summary breakdown of the planned $23,415 in school program spending. This does not include a discretionary fund or administrative and fundraising expenses incurred by the PAC. For a complete version of the 2022/2023 budget please email