About The Parent Advisory Council (PAC)



Welcome to Selkirk and welcome to PAC

What is the PAC?

All Selkirk Adults (parents and guardians) of children enrolled at Lord Selkirk Elementary School are automatically members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). 

Our PAC represents the collective voices of the Selkirk Adults. We work with the school administration and staff to enhance and support our children’s education and wellbeing.

The PAC is the platform for Selkirk Adults to:

  • Directly impact our children’s experience by providing students with extra arts, sports and education programs, fun and enriching events such as field trips, and resources such as extra equipment and technology,
  • Support each other and build a strong school community,
  • Share feedback to the principal and staff on school related matters that impact our families. 

2. How does the PAC work?

Annually, parents elect a PAC Executive at the AGM to manage PAC activities and draft a budget for the year. The budget is created by working closely with the school principal to learn more about upcoming needs and the wishes of the teachers. Fundraising activities are then planned in order to raise the money to fulfill the needs put forth by the school.

Beyond the PAC Executive, working Committees are formed for specific projects each year like Active Travel, Selkirk Royale, Hot Lunch, Sports Teams and more, which any PAC member can join.

For more on the rules and regulations that govern the PAC, check out our constitution. 

3. How does the PAC raise money? 

Last year the PAC raised approximately $60,000 through fundraising, events and grants. We raise a significant portion of these funds through the Selkirk Royale, our flagship fundraiser and parents-only casino night in February. We then raise additional money through hot lunch, chocolate and plant sales, Famous Foods gift cards, gaming grants and other activities throughout the year. 

4. What does the PAC fund? 

Each year school administration works with the teachers to form a plan for what they need, above and beyond what is supplied by the school district. 

At Selkirk, PAC funds will support such things as technology upgrades, outdoor equipment, gym equipment, jerseys, field trips, discretionary funding requested by the teachers, school-wide workshops such as dance or body science- and much more!

5. How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved with the Selkirk PAC.

1. Attend a meeting. Vote, visit, hear the school news from the school administrators and PAC volunteers – childcare is provided. The annual meeting schedule can be found here. 

2. Sign up for our emails. Receive emails directly from the PAC Executive about hot lunch, fundraising, volunteering and more. Click here to sign up. 

3. Become an Executive Member. Volunteer your time as a leader on the PAC and play a role in the planning of PAC projects and activities. 

4. Serve on a Committee.  Volunteer your time in an area you are passionate about such as: active travel, fundraising, chess club, choir, hot lunch, event organizing, coaching, community engagement and more. 

5. Answer the call for volunteers. Sometimes we need volunteers for a very short term and specific reason. These calls go out through our email list. Sign up to receive these requests and say YES if it works for your schedule. We can’t do it without you!

Contact us if you have questions or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/selkirkpac  email:lordselkirkpac@gmail.com